_Southern Storytellers

A new documentary series from PBS and award-winning filmmaker Craig Renaud follows some of the South’s most compelling and influential contemporary creators to the places they call home — the communities that fertilize the stories they tell in books, songs, poems, plays and on screens large and small.

_The Process



To introduce this series to the audience with its title sequence, we really focused on the intimacy, and the layered history of the American South and its landscape, using the adage “the North contemplates, the South ruminates” as our north star.

Themes of elusiveness, multiplicity, decay, heat, and recontextualization informed the development of the look and animation, where we played with texture, time, and collage.

Creative Director: Mark Thompson
Art Director & Lead Designer: Padraic Driscoll

Executive Creative Director: Josh Norton
Executive Producer: Carson Hood
Producer: Jessica Rowley

Made with ♥ in NYC