_Sex Before the Internet

Today, we live in a world of instant gratification; whatever you want, whenever you want it. However, before PornHub and OnlyFans, the industry was run via VHS tapes, magazines and 1-900 numbers. This nonfiction series for VICE World News and Aquitania films reexamines the social and sexual stigmas of this era through a new lens.

_The Process




The challenge was to showcase the rich visual history of the sex industry without simply re-objectifying the subjects. We dug extensively for imagery to highlight the diverse voices and perspectives that are often overlooked from that era.

Starting with extremely NSFW material, we cropped in very tightly, creating a series of up-close moments to both draw in the viewer with an intimate, sensory experience, but also to starkly showcase, in true VICE form, content that otherwise would be impossible to show without censor.


Art Director & Lead Designer: Padraic Driscoll
2D Animators: Liu Chia-Lung, Brian Landisman, Riley Carson

Executive Creative Director: Josh Norton
Executive Producer: Carson Hood
Producer: Jessica Rowley
Associate Producer: Paulina Casey

Music: Lords of Acid - Rubber Doll

Made with ♥ in NYC