_Season Launch

In the lead-up to the 2023-24 season, I was brought in to help the Pittsburgh Penguins revamp the look of their in-game fan experience. As the generational talent on the ice nears retirement, there is a renewed focus on the overall fan experience.

Scoreboard under construction, humans for scale. 
(image c/o Pittsburgh Penguins)

_The Process

_Goal Animation Moodboards

Investing millions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades, including an entirely new (and significantly larger) center hung scoreboard, we needed to really draw in and excite fans, and had a massive canvas to do that with. Goal animations, pre-game power-ups, and even noise meters had to be built from the ground up.

High energy, dynamic, and dimensional motion utilizing the (newly) seamless LEDs wrapped around the scoreboard was key. The goal was to create elements that extended cleanly all the way around the center hung, fully utilizing that space to build energy with our visuals. Forced perspective, aka anamorphic 3D, was also an exciting avenue to pull this off with; pushing elements out of the frame and directly towards the audience.

Overall, the project was extremely challenging but also rewarding as an opportunity to explore new creative concepts and literal perspectives.

Executive Producer: Aaron Spiegel
Art Director, Animator: Padraic Driscoll
Technology Operations Manager: Zach Tyke

Music: P.T. Adamczyk - Force Projection

Made with ♥ in NYC