For a video content push across all of Oprah Daily’s properties, Hearst needed a robust set of graphics tools to support a high volume of diverse content.

_The Process


_Bug animations

_Mogrt Toolkits

Targeting streaming and off platform video; both live and VOD, we needed a highly flexible and modular set of assets. Title cards, banners, courtesies, transitions, video frames, quote rigs, and logo bug animations were all built to maximize interoperability; featuring controls to support 16:9, square, and vertical video. Each of the distinct shows under the Oprah Daily Umbrella; Oprah’s Favorite Things, The World According to Gayle, Oprah’s Book Club, were integrated into this toolset.

This meant that Hearst’s editors could use a single set of templates for all of their work; toggling brand-safe colors, components, output formats, etc. based on their needs in that given moment, not having to worry about navigating a complex web of individualized rigs.

Creative Director, Animator: Padraic Driscoll

Executive Producer: Cullen Daly
Operations Lead: Joshua Bracken
Senior Producer: J'nelle Agee
Editor: Nic Fernandez

Music: The Octopus Project - I Saw the Bright Shinies

Made with ♥ in NYC