_No Scope

For a new installment of ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, BGSTR was brought in to develop a visual style to fit the meteoric rise and fall of esports behemoth FaZe Clan.

_The Process


(‘No Scope’ being a double entendre of ‘360 no scope’, the ‘no look pass’ of gaming, and the lack of business planning that brought it all crashing down).

After initial explorations into vibrant and more graphical cyberpunk aesthetics, we landed with the client on a colder and more ominous visual tone, blurring the macro and micro into an abstraction of mechanized and brutalist forms.

It was within this abstracted space that we developed the title sequence and custom explainers, in tandem with toolkitted tweets, and headlines.

Creative Director: Ross Henderson
Art Director, Lead Designer: Padraic Driscoll
Additional Animators: Tifé Odumosu, Riley Carson

Executive Creative Director: Josh Norton
Executive Producer: Carson Hood
Producer: Jessica Rowley

Music: Igarashi Kanta - Drop It

Made with ♥ in NYC