_Leguizamo Does America

In this six-part series from NBC News Studios, host John Leguizamo travels across the country to celebrate the rich and diverse Latino cultures in six different destinations, exploring food, politics, music, and everything in between along the way. ⁠

_The Process


In collaboration with MSNBC, we created a high energy title sequence for the series, aiming to strike a balance between celebration and sophistication, showcasing John’s natural charisma and enthusiasm with vibrancy and color.

The themes of translation, transformation, and the merging of the old and new, were very inspirational for us, driving the cacophanous and flavorful attitude that carries across the show. It was a blast to make, check it out on Peacock!


Art Director & Lead Designer: Padraic Driscoll
Additional Design & Animation: Sohyun Park, Steve Fuller, Ivan Viaranchyk

Executive Creative Director: Josh Norton
Executive Producer: Carson Hood
Producer: Kristen Pritchett

Made with ♥ in NYC