_Interview Club

Alongside live and on-demand programming, Interview Club was the third pillar of CNN+, an AMA-style interactive interview show.

_The Process

_The Experience

_Data Visualizations

_Mogrt Rig Example

_Branding Development

On this platform, subscribers can participate in real-time with both knowledge experts, as well as CNN journalists.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with product and editorial teams, we built a branding system and an extensive animation toolkit to fit seamlessly with the live, cloud-based, production workflow. In addition, we developed our own internal rigs to expedite any custom daily graphics or promo asset deployment.

Creative Director: Padraic Driscoll
Art Directors: Courtney Wells, Ignacio Osorio
Senior Designers: Lulu Jiang, Alex Sears, Linda Shirar
Motion Designers: Dayoung Hwang, Jorge Olivares, Taylor Su, Ana Perez Lopez
Associate Motion Designer: Ryan Anthony Gibo

Executive Producer: Samantha Stamler
Senior Producers: Richa Naik, Mike Tarson
VP, Design & Creative: Jon Reyes

_Special Thanks

Lulu Jiang and Dayoung Hwang for the reel and gifs on this page. 

Made with ♥ in NYC