_Eclipse of the Century

In partnership with Volvo, CNN live-streamed the 2017 total solar eclipse in VR from seven locations across the United States.

Custom live event graphics including UI elements, locators, lower thirds, sponsorship lockups, transitions, and a countdown clock were conceptualized and built completely in VR and deployed in concert with a multitude of incoming satellite feeds.

_The Process

Music: Moderat - Seamonkey

_Event Breakdown
In the lead up to the eclipse itself we also built and released explainer animations in VR detailing how an eclipse actually works in space, as well as how nature and mankind respond to the celestial event.

Rendering equirectangular content in 4K required new workflows, pushing tools like Cinema 4D, Maya, Octane Renderer, X-Particles, Turbulence FD, Google Earth Studio, and Skybox past their breaking points. Side effects of this undertaking over many many iterations included enormous cache files and a blown fuse in the newsroom.

Press release: cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2017/08/24/cnn-virtual-reality-traffic-live-stream-cnnvr-vr-record

Executive Creative Director: Jon Reyes
Senior Motion Designer, Animator: Padraic Driscoll
Motion Designer, Animator: Curtis Brown
Additional Animators: Shane Csontos-Popko, Hui Kai Su, Shwenn Chang

Executive Producer: Jason Farkas
Supervising Producer: Cullen Daly
Senior Producer: Craig Waxman
Producers: Bronte Lord, Annabelle Cho, Alex Segal, Niko Koppel, Joe Coleman, Nick Godsell, Lesley Donelan
Production Managers: Jason Holterhaus, Jonathan Tortora

Made with ♥ in NYC