_Brothers in Arms

Pregame opening video for the Pittsburgh Penguins debuting in-arena 3/5/2016. Riding the edge between structure and chaos, this piece is a hybrid balancing clean, controlled, and systematic organization with raw primal energy, aggression, and intensity.

_The Process


UI inspired fields and grids were layered and tracked into footage over other ripped, streaked, and heat distorted elements. Rotoscoped footage was interwoven with custom still photography and 3D reconstructions, compiled to highlight the energy of the players over the duller, more subdued opponents and surroundings. 

Executive Producer: Aaron Spiegel
Director of Photography, Designer, Animator: Padraic Driscoll

Animator, Camera Operator: David Distilli

Additional Animation: Andie Knapp

Music: Junkie XL - Brothers in Arms

Made with ♥ in NYC