_American Woman

Following the personal journeys of female pioneers in music, film, and fashion with CNN Correspondent Brooke Baldwin, the American Woman video series was already in production prior to the #MeToo movement taking off.

_The Process



Originally seeking the more nostalgic tone of Norman Rockwell's Americana, we commissioned San Francisco-based illustrator Jon Stich to mirror the poses of poster art of the era, while also incorporating iconography specific to the identity of each of the painting subjects. This art was then scanned and mapped to onto 3D geometry which we built into scenes. The result was a greater individualized location and sense of dimension for each subject.

However, as #MeToo grew, we needed to visually pivot to reflect the vibrancy, energy, and power of this cultural moment. With minimal time remaining before launch, we integrated bold constructivist color and typography into the existing illustrations to better imbue the tone of collective strength and social change.


Executive Creative Director: Jon Reyes
Senior Motion Designer: Padraic Driscoll
Lead Animator: Shane Csontos-Popko
Additional Animators: Meshach Rojas, Justin Weiss, Roberto Chriqui, Shwenn Chang, Jae Hyeong Kim
Graphic Designers: Melody Shih, Sandy L.C. Pan Illustrator: Jon Stich

Correspondent: Brooke Baldwin
Supervising Producer: Cullen Daly
Producers: Amy Marino, Bridget Nolan, Alice Yu, Arielle Sacks, Megan Thomas, Damian Prado, Steven Sevilla, Alexander Rosen, Robert Sevilla
Production Assistant: Page Ellerson
Senior UX Developer: Stephany Cardet

Music: Blood Orange - Uncle ACE

Made with ♥ in NYC